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Explore the world of BDSM and kink in a safe and supportive environment. Contact me to discuss your interests and organise a unique learning experience just for you.

Private classes can be held in a private studio or, for an additional fee, I can travel to your location. Suspension classes are available in a fully equipped private dungeon space.

I welcome absolute beginners as well as people looking to build on or develop existing skills. Whether you are partnered, or solo, we can work together to explore and learn in a way which works for you. 

Each class incorporates consent, communication, and risk mitigation practices so you can play safer and more connected to yourselves and one another.

Various formats are possible, including private sessions for individuals or pairs, group lessons for 4-10 people, and customised workshops for special events - I am open to co-creating what works for you!

For dates for upcoming group classes see here

A range of some of the topics I can cover:
Intro to BDSM + Kink (Kinky and Curious Class)

Beginners rope bondage

Ties for floor play

Bedroom Bondage/ Bondage for sex

Consent and negotiation

Confidence with freeform/freestyle rope

Understanding anatomy and body handling

Building solid structures and transferrable patterns
Introduction to suspension

Harnesses for suspension


Meditative/comforting ropes

Sensation play

Self tying for the floor

Self Suspension

Impact Play

Wax Play

Classes: Service

More information

Please note, I'm not a therapist. Seek licensed professionals for trauma or mental health concerns. Still, I possess relevant training and experience.

  • Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills (45 hours of training) 2021-2022

  • Building Restorative Systems – 2022

  • Restorative Circle training 2022

  • NVC – Transforming Conflict, Power and Privilege, Ecology of Empathy, Requests to Restore Flow – 2020-2022

  • Adult Mental Health First Aid - 2021

  • Advanced Group Facilitation for Therapeutic Peer Work - 2020

  • Motivational Interviewing - 2020

  • Meeting the mental health needs of DV/SV survivors – AVA OCN accredited 2019

  • Trauma Informed Practices – AVA OCN accredited 2019

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