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Whether you're curious about bondage experiences, searching for shibari lessons, or seeking a journey of self-discovery through kink exploration -you're in the right place! I am based in SW London and can offer sessions hosted in fully-equipped private studios.

With over 10 years of personal and professional involvement in this industry across various roles and perspectives, my unique background brings a refreshingly diverse, experienced and down-to-earth approach to sessions and classes - I look forward to exploring with you!

My schedule often fills up about 5-6 weeks in advance, so I recommend reaching out early. Discover more below - looking forward to connect with you!  Email me directly here.

Check out testimonials or take a look at my FAQ for more of a sense of working together. 

Tied person suspended


Curious about being tied up? Explore private shibari sessions in London with me.

I offer 1:1 tailored rope bondage experiences centred around your desires and boundaries, open to all experience levels—from newcomers to shibari enthusiasts. 

For more information - see below.

Sophia teaching shibari


Discover the art of Shibari and the pleasure and possibilities of kink with private classes with me in London.

I provide bespoke private and small group sessions for all experience levels, from new and seeking a beginners introduction to rope bondage, to those aiming to hone current skills,. Join me in exploring and learning in a personalised, warm and non judgemental environment. 

For more information click below

Holding hands


Navigating kink dynamics, understanding boundaries and consent, and finding your way can be challenging.

I offer a judgment-free space for those who are kinky (or curious) and seeking opportunities to unpack experiences and explore answers. I work with individuals, couples, organisations and other professionals - be in touch!

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