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Whether you're curious about bondage experiences, searching for shibari lessons, or seeking a journey of self-discovery through kink exploration -you're in the right place! I am based in SW London and can offer sessions hosted in a fully-equipped private studio. My schedule often fills up about 4 weeks in advance, so I recommend reaching out early. Discover more below - looking forward to connect with you! Email me directly here

Check out testimonials or take a look at my FAQ for more of a sense of working together

Tied person suspended


Curious about being tied up? Explore private shibari sessions in London with me.

I offer 1:1 tailored rope bondage experiences centred around your desires and boundaries, open to all experience levels—from newcomers to shibari enthusiasts. 

For more information - see below.

Sophia teaching shibari


Discover the art of Shibari and the pleasure and possibilities of kink with private classes with me in London.

I provide bespoke private and small group sessions for all experience levels, from new and seeking a beginners introduction to rope bondage, to those aiming to hone current skills,. Join me in exploring and learning in a personalised, warm and non judgemental environment. 

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Navigating kink dynamics, understanding boundaries and consent, and finding your way can be challenging.

I offer a judgment-free space for those who are kinky (or curious) and seeking opportunities to unpack experiences and explore answers. I work with individuals, couples, organisations and other professionals - be in touch!

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Offerings: Testimonials

Private Lesson

Sophia is so easy to relax around. I had met her at a weekly ropes event, and asked to do a one to one session with my partner for rope play. The time went so quickly, we were made to feel completely at ease, learnt so much and went away feeling inspired to practice as much as possible. It was a pleasure to learn from someone to knowledgeable on the subject, and happy to explore it in the way we feel most comfortable. Highly highly recommend.

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