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For individuals, couples, film and theatre, intimacy co-ordinators, and more.

We can all benefit from support in understanding and exploring our kinky, sexual selves. There is still a fair amount of taboo and misinformation surrounding BDSM - understandably people have questions and need space to think through and work out what it means for them.

With over a decade of personal and professional involvement in kink and BDSM across various roles and settings, I bring a sex-positive, trauma-informed, empathetic approach to making sense of these personal and sensitive topics and experiences. 

These sessions are not prescriptive, and guided by you and what you wish to bring, unpack, or think about. You may have a specific questions or scenario in mind which you would like to discuss, or it could simply be having a chat about desires and needs with someone who understands and can hold space.

I also work with professionals who are seeking guidance around Kink and BDSM topics, whether that is working with clients, intimacy co-ordination, or advice for other rope and kink professionals. I have experience working with and consulting for institutions and organisations such as Goldsmiths University and LSE, Netflix, The Metro and GQ Magazine.

In the past, I wished for a professional to candidly discuss kinks, dynamics, and more – whilst there are many opportunities to explore kinks physically with a professional, the emotional/relational aspects are equally important to make space for. Let's talk kinks!

I can help with:

  • Getting started in the kink scene

  • Grasping consent in kink/BDSM contexts

  • Negotiating kink dynamics

  • Interpreting desires and boundaries

  • Reflecting on experiences

  • Practical safety and skill inquiries

These sessions are offered virtually via zoom be in touch for rates, questions or click the link below to email me directly.

I offer a 15 minute free chat to see if working together would be a good fit. See below to book in. 

More information

Please note, I'm not a therapist. Seek licensed professionals for trauma or mental health concerns. Still, I possess relevant training and experience.

  • Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills (45 hours of training) 2021-2022

  • Building Restorative Systems – 2022

  • Restorative Circle training 2022

  • NVC – Transforming Conflict, Power and Privilege, Ecology of Empathy, Requests to Restore Flow – 2020-2022

  • Adult Mental Health First Aid - 2021

  • Advanced Group Facilitation for Therapeutic Peer Work - 2020

  • Motivational Interviewing - 2020

  • Meeting the mental health needs of DV/SV survivors – AVA OCN accredited 2019

  • Trauma Informed Practices – AVA OCN accredited 2019

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