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To rope

I think of rope as an extension of our hands and touch. Something we use to restrict, give sensation, communicate something to ourselves or another, or to express in a a space.

Rope, like touch, can say many could be sensual, challenging, creative, loving, comforting, cathartic, soothing, erotic, energising... and so much more.

So rather than asking what do you want to 'do' - I'm often more interested in how you want to feel. What do you desire?  What is your body telling you? What do we want to explore together? What intention do we put into what we do. The same 'tie' can feel vastly different based on how it is applied.

The beauty and curiosity of rope is that the answers will often change.

The journey of learning and discovery goes far beyond how to simply tie some knots.  The pleasure is in the process of understanding bodies, minds, responses and desires more deeply. 

To teaching

Through my professional work in the BDSM scene and the adult industry since 2013, and my experiences of working in the social sector’s support services since 2019, I bring a wide range of. perspectives and experience into my practice and approach to education

My  facilitation is grounded in working in a person centered, trauma-aware way. I have practical knowledge and training in group facilitation for therapeutic outcomes, working in a trauma informed approach, and ongoing training in Non Violent Communication.

I have also worked in support services as a facilitator for peer groups, facilitated RSE for young people, and delivered consent education in universities. I am interested in co-production, trauma informed approaches, and education to support agency and advocacy.

I work collaboratively, experientially, and empathetically. I bring a curious, warm and grounding energy to spaces I hold. I believe we learn best when our whole person is considered and attended to. I also believe in not taking things too seriously, this should feel fun and pleasurable!

I am based in London and can host or travel, I work 1-1, with small groups, and larger groups for workshops, events and parties. Whether it's a private rope bondage workshop, a group kink class, or a lecture/talk on bdsm and consent, we can work to create a bespoke offer to meet your needs. 

My rope journey

I have been practicing rope since 2013 and have actively sought out learning and experiences which deepened my knowledge of both sides of the rope. I have performed and taught in the UK and worldwide at festivals, events and workshops. 

I self tie, tie others and get tied, which is sometimes referred to as switching. I value this unique perspective of being able to understand and teach to both the person tying and the person being tied: rope is  a 50/50 collaborative partnership when it comes to learning and growth, and my teaching and attitude towards rope reflect that. 

My style of tying has been described as grounding, sensual and nurturing. I enjoy seeing the variety of unique and personal reactions which arise when people are tied.

I continue to learn about myself and others through this practice which nourishes my curiosity and desire for  finding different ways to communicate and connect. 

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