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Rope Bondage, Kink, and Consent Education and Experiences in London

Experience premier 1:1 Rope Bondage and Shibari in London with Sophia Rose

Curious about private Shibari classes, suspension bondage sessions, BDSM experiences, or 1:1 comprehensive kink education in London?I offer bespoke experiences for self exploration, tailored to your needs and preferences, accommodating diverse backgrounds and desires.

Why work with me?

I'm Sophia! - with over a decade of personal and professional involvement in the kink and BDSM industry, I bring  a unique and experienced perspective to sessions and classes. Creating a warm and open environment is important to me, whether you're a beginner or experienced kinkster seeking something specific, we can work together to create a personalised experience. My approach is consent-focused and sex-positive, offering a non-judgemental space for you to explore your desires and skills.

Discover the Experience

Want to know what a session could look like? Check out some examples of my work here and check out testimonials here.

Book Your Session Today

Curious about next steps or want to book a session? Have questions? Let's chat- email directly here.

Locations and Events

I'm based in London but offer my services across the UK and worldwide. Stay updated on upcoming events for group classes and travel dates in London and beyond here. For sessions and classes I can host/teach from two spaces based in SW London. Contact for more information.


Got questions about shibari? Concerned about the risks of rope bondage or wondering what happens during a session? I have s compiled some FAQs here to answer common queries.

About Sophia Rose

Sophia brings diverse personal and professional experience to her work. She has interest and trained in NVC, conflict transformation, intimacy and embodiment coaching, sex education and trauma informed approaches. Alongside this, her extensive experience in the SW/adult industry since 2013 means she understands the specific needs and nuances of this field. Sophia aims to demystify, queer, and make accessible education on rope, sexuality, and BDSM, celebrating diverse experiences and perspectives. Learn more about Sophia here.

Experience Excellence in Rope Bondage and Shibari Education

I strive to offer a unique and throughtful approach to rope bondage and shibari in London. My  bespoke 1:1 education offers opportunities for valuable and transformative learning experiences, and my sessions will blow your mind with kinky erotic shame free fun (yay). Explore, learn, and connect with one of the best in the field.

Rope and flowers wrapped around my head
Someone is suspended in a side suspension with their body supported evenly

Private Lesson

Sophia is so easy to relax around. I had met her at a weekly ropes event, and asked to do a one to one session with my partner for rope play. The time went so quickly, we were made to feel completely at ease, learnt so much and went away feeling inspired to practice as much as possible. It was a pleasure to learn from someone to knowledgeable on the subject, and happy to explore it in the way we feel most comfortable. Highly highly recommend.

Venus Hour

Planetary days and hours are an ancient method of measuring time and attributing different planetary energies to specific days and hours. In traditional thought, measurement of time is just as important as understanding the underlying quality and energy of different times.

Venus hour pertains to the arts and music, feeling inspired creatively, love, joy, beauty, pleasure, charm, grace, taste, contentment, sensuality, attraction, partnership, beautiful things, friendship and connection.

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